Before I continue onto my next destination, Bali, I have to do a short spiel on the place I stayed at after I had left Antonio’s; Goodtime Beach Backpackers. I wanted to volunteer for accommodation and so walking into this beautiful resort turned hostel I was lucky to find that they were after someone … Continue reading Goodtime


Mates and Mountains

We came in through the West border, to a place called Bhimdatta where people still use horse and carriage. Kerr, Isabel and I were the only westerners there and everyone stared at us, almost as if they had never seen pale skin before. We took the first cheap room we could find and relaxed, we … Continue reading Mates and Mountains

My First Attempt at Food Photography..

I don’t have fancy back lights and pretty plates but I’m trying to be a low maintenance photographer (hah!) so here’s my attempt to make my kai look tasty. It’s always tasty, just not always pretty. It's not about what you look like, it's about what you taste like. (Take that how you will.) Rice … Continue reading My First Attempt at Food Photography..