Create some space.

I’m all about space right now. Staying in the teepee in Santa Fe allowed me to realize how much creativity comes from places that are outside of your daily routine and this is usually because most of the time, our daily routine isn’t designed to make us feel energized, or good. It is usually crawling... Continue Reading →


Hello, Bali.

I was really excited about coming here, not just for the place but to finally see family again after four months. I arrived, settled in, and waited patiently for my sister and her family to arrive. Jhenai lives in Australia, so even when I am in New Zealand I only get to see her once... Continue Reading →

Lessons of the Martial Arts

Muay Thai. I have written about this before, but after a year of being in and out of this kickboxing world and then returning to it in Thailand - home of the art itself - I have a few new perspectives and lessons to share. Walking into Chin’s gym on Koh Pha Ngan, I was... Continue Reading →

Fruits and fruits

Now that I’ve made my way through India and Nepal, Thailand is a breeze. After the train I got a ride on the ferry to the island of Koh Phangan where I met up with Antonio, my first couch surfing experience and a friend to be missed. Antonio has embraced the life of “Fruitarianism”, a... Continue Reading →

Alavida, India

“Sitting on a mountainside in Parvati Valley, eating traditional Indian food while watching the sun go down behind the snow capped mountains.” India. I’m so not done with you yet, but it’s time to move on. Travelling is not easy. I have all these posts about these great places and beautiful things to do, but... Continue Reading →

Rainbow in Parvati

It feels like a new surge of energy when you realise where you were supposed to be hours ago is just over that next hill. In spite of the boost to the spirit, my body was just as weak getting up there. We threw down our bags, received loving hugs and were ushered to the... Continue Reading →

Dharamsala the Hotel California

It’s up. I cannot help thinking of Boni when we would climb the hill in Bhagsu. We would stop to catch our breath, turn to each other and pant, “It’s up.” I think if she was with me now we would be almost decided to turn back and go to Manali, but she was back... Continue Reading →

Dolly, Ash and Vipassana

I’ve made it to Bhagsu, just north of Dharamsala. Rishikesh became too hot and after the vipassana meditation I just wanted to escape to a place that was a bit more silent, a place to refocus my mind and allow the internal changes to take place. After the ten days, when we were able to... Continue Reading →

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