Create some space.

I’m all about space right now. Staying in the teepee in Santa Fe allowed me to realize how much creativity comes from places that are outside of your daily routine and this is usually because most of the time, our daily routine isn’t designed to make us feel energized, or good. It is usually crawling … Continue reading Create some space.


Chats over Tatts

This is one part of Dharamsala that I must share, meeting an awesome Nepalese tattooist and scoring a little giftie. I remember when I first saw the guy, he was sitting on the side of the steps in Bhagsu when I was walking up to see the group for dinner. He had laid out all … Continue reading Chats over Tatts

Story of the Sage

There was a great king who woke one morning with three questions on his mind. He called upon his minister and asked him, “What is the most important time? Who is the most important person? And what is the most important thing to do?” The minister had a long think and replied with, “The most … Continue reading Story of the Sage

New Year Refreshers

I had started writing this on Christmas Day, but after moving to Auckland, working a festival, adventuring to Tauranga and getting a spontaneous new tattoo, the time and energy for writing had gone out of the window. Now I’m settled, in this huge place called The Big House with 20 other flatmates. For a house … Continue reading New Year Refreshers

Caught in the Ego Trap.

I’m going into this post with an open mind because it’s been awhile and I am fully aware that all my words could end up jumbled as I put these thoughts down. I had a bit too much pride. I was proud that I was working a second job, I was proud that I had … Continue reading Caught in the Ego Trap.

Compassion versus Doormat

We aren't doormats, and it’s okay to not put up with shit! Too often we bite our tongue when we know someone isn’t treating us with respect or equality. I strongly believe in the law of attraction and can often see the link our in lives when someone is talking about how someone makes them … Continue reading Compassion versus Doormat

Influencing Our Teens to Start Living

Everywhere I look it seems more common to find people who are finally starting to reconnect with themselves, and to create a life they truly desire rather than what they feel they “should” live. I was recently mulling over the idea that if I had known how to connect with myself at a younger age, … Continue reading Influencing Our Teens to Start Living

Are we the modern day Hippies?

  This subject has been on my mind for some time, and over the past year I have begun to really figure out how to put it into words. Growing up I used to have an infatuation with spirituality and hippie ideals. Flowers, love and a sense of freedom often came to mind, little did … Continue reading Are we the modern day Hippies?