My First Attempt at Food Photography..

I don’t have fancy back lights and pretty plates but I’m trying to be a low maintenance photographer (hah!) so here’s my attempt to make my kai look tasty. It’s always tasty, just not always pretty. It's not about what you look like, it's about what you taste like. (Take that how you will.) Rice... Continue Reading →


Winter Warmers

I don’t commonly suffer with this anymore, but still as winter comes around and the cool weather lingers every now and then I have a day where I simply cannot warm up. I will be bundled up in warm clothes and yet my fingers will stay chilled and moving around seems so much harder than... Continue Reading →

Underdogs of health.

When I start talking about eating healthier to people, the biggest come back I get is; “Healthy food is so much more expensive.” And I agree with you, but it doesn’t always have to be. Nine times out of ten it is a lack of education of how to eat healthy rather than having the... Continue Reading →

So I really like food..

Those who know me well know I have had an obsession with food for quite a long time, this stemmed from when I moved to Australia when I was sixteen. I had not long broken off a long term relationship and had developed a lot of body issues that weren't exactly true, however I needed... Continue Reading →

Any body got Thyme fo’ dat!

The strongest trait of this plant that always comes to mind is the strong aromas that are quite distinct. Even brushing your hand through the leaves of Thyme is enough to acquire a strong perfume that lingers on your skin for awhile after. For such an ordinary looking plant, the volatile oils which create the... Continue Reading →

Benefits for the Brave

Oh Stinging Nettle! I still remember one of the times I came across this weedy gem when I was a child. Our old house had a couple small paddocks filled with some sheep and a mini orchard. Being a carefree child I would often run through the grass, fingers splayed out with the intent on... Continue Reading →

Little Liver Lover…

Before you even reach the wild garden to harvest the greens and herbs you may find yourself trekking over the grass but missing some gems from under your toes. When I was a child I often would go searching for the "puff balls" as I called them just to make a wish and blow the... Continue Reading →

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