Lessons of the Martial Arts

Muay Thai. I have written about this before, but after a year of being in and out of this kickboxing world and then returning to it in Thailand - home of the art itself - I have a few new perspectives and lessons to share. Walking into Chin’s gym on Koh Pha Ngan, I was … Continue reading Lessons of the Martial Arts


Fruits and fruits

Now that I’ve made my way through India and Nepal, Thailand is a breeze. After the train I got a ride on the ferry to the island of Koh Phangan where I met up with Antonio, my first couch surfing experience and a friend to be missed. Antonio has embraced the life of “Fruitarianism”, a … Continue reading Fruits and fruits

What to do in Bangkok when you’re waiting for a train

First things first, when you come into the country and you haven’t planned on staying anywhere just yet, write a hostel name down. Write anything. Don’t leave it blank or you’ll end up like me, sitting on the floor before the counter looking for a hostel name on the computer while the Thai man squints … Continue reading What to do in Bangkok when you’re waiting for a train