Yoga Trekking

The sweat is pouring off of me, it must be like 30 degrees already – at 5am might I add – and I’m running with a 12 kilogram pack on thinking, ‘Why? Why must I leave these things till the last minute?’ I’m in New Jalpaiguri, a town about an hour bus ride from the... Continue Reading →


Mates and Mountains

We came in through the West border, to a place called Bhimdatta where people still use horse and carriage. Kerr, Isabel and I were the only westerners there and everyone stared at us, almost as if they had never seen pale skin before. We took the first cheap room we could find and relaxed, we... Continue Reading →

Alavida, India

“Sitting on a mountainside in Parvati Valley, eating traditional Indian food while watching the sun go down behind the snow capped mountains.” India. I’m so not done with you yet, but it’s time to move on. Travelling is not easy. I have all these posts about these great places and beautiful things to do, but... Continue Reading →

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