Benefits for the Brave

Oh Stinging Nettle! I still remember one of the times I came across this weedy gem when I was a child. Our old house had a couple small paddocks filled with some sheep and a mini orchard. Being a carefree child I would often run through the grass, fingers splayed out with the intent on... Continue Reading →


Lovin’ some Love

When I first sit down on the cushion and align my body into a comfortable position, there is always a restlessness. Instantly, my mind remembers the million things on the to do list and suddenly I want to be anywhere but here. I shuffle, shift and struggle for comfort, but - eventually - I achieve... Continue Reading →

Little Liver Lover…

Before you even reach the wild garden to harvest the greens and herbs you may find yourself trekking over the grass but missing some gems from under your toes. When I was a child I often would go searching for the "puff balls" as I called them just to make a wish and blow the... Continue Reading →

When she appears…

Sometimes she appears, and she is so┬áso┬ábeautiful. We often don't see her anymore, but she is there biding her time. She comes out for deep belly laughs among friends who are not afraid to make the fool. In fact, she endeavours to create more of a fool, just to fuel the sound of laughter further.... Continue Reading →

Facing Challenges

January 12, 2014 Not too long ago I realised there were still things in the world that terrified me. A gentle reminder that I still had so much to learn. Mountain biking. I'm going to sound very silly here, but no shit, you do go up mountains. What did I expect? You say. I thought... Continue Reading →

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